Response services for Emergency customer service training and communication.

Available in Brisbane Adelaide Perth Canberra Geelong Parramatta Melbourne and more.

There are a range of training and coaching options available for those who would like to be trained.

Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Melbourne Canberra


Welcome to Educational Resources

Provided on this site is a list of educational resources available for schools and for further training.

Every year, we run seminars and workshops in Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne.   These might be personal PD opportunities offered through a range of different seminars or sessions:

  • our national calendar of seminars and workshops
  • tailored training to best meet the needs of your professional staff
  • consultancy and training packages for teams and organisations
  • free online training

There are also customer service training programs run in Perth, Adelaide and Canberra provided by Paramount

For more information on the resources available to you in your local area contact us using the form above.

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